Quintet for Brass


Style: Chamber, Brass Quintet
Time: 10:20
Difficulty: Grade 6
Price: $25


Glenn Disney’s Quintet for Brass was begun in the fall of 2008 and completed in the spring of 2009. It was first premiered at Sacramento State in May, 2009.

The first movement is a lively one written in 5/4 time, and utilizes terracing entrances to construct dissonant harmonic sonorities. These are interspersed with unison sixteenth and eighth note rhythmic figures.

The second movement is a ballad, with underlying sixteenth and triplet patterns which act as a current to support the lyrical melodies that are traded off in all five parts, beginning with the tuba.

The third movement is an Allegro, and the most ‘tonal’ of the three movements. Beginning simply with a solo melody that gets passed around all five parts, the melody eventually is overlapped, reminiscent of the terracing effect from the first movement. Beginning in 3/4 time, the third movement changes rhythmic feel to 6/8 time, and maintains this until the end, which is a jubilant fanfare-ish finish.

Movement 1 (3:35)     Sample PDF-1     Sample-1 mp3
Movement 2 (3:40)    Sample PDF-2     Sample-2 mp3
Movement 3 (3:05)    Sample PDF-3     Sample-3 mp3


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