Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

Rights Reserved in WGPO (Oklahoma) – Winter 2018 Season


Style: Winter Percussion, Middle-Eastern
Time: 4:00
Difficulty: Basic/Beginning (Grade 1)
Price: $495



In this thrilling indoor percussion piece designed for a beginning group, a “sanitized” version of the legendary story of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves is explored.  This piece does NOT sound like a Grade 1 piece, but it is very basic with a few choice moments that push the ensemble.  There is a bit more demand on the pit than the battery throughout.  The piece could conceivably be used as a Grade 2 if the battery parts were “beefed-up.”

This show does follow a set story and requires one performer dedicated solely to be Ali Baba.  The battery is cast as the thieves while the pit portray the everyday people of the town.  You will need the ability to hear Ali Baba and 1 or 2 of the thieves via wireless mic set-up, or LOUD and CLEAR acoustic voice, or even with pre-recorded samples to be triggered from the pit.  There are no vocals on the mp3 below.

The Story

Part 1 –  Ali Baba is out one day and hears some approaching thieves.  He hides from sight and observes the thieves arriving at a secret cave that can only be accessed by saying “Open Sesame.” The thieves proceed to hide their treasure and eventually retreat from the cave.

Part 2 – Ali Baba cautiously comes out of hiding, opens the cave and is overcome with greed. Ali Baba puts the treasure in a bag, and flees the cave with the bag as the thieves return.

Part 3 – The thieves find the cave empty and look for Ali Baba.  They eventually catch him and retake the bag of treasure.  As the thieves retreat to their cave, they discover that they been fooled by Ali Baba, who makes off with the real treasure.

Sample PDF     Listen to the mp3

(*the mp3 does NOT include the voice overs)


Tenors (Quints)
Bass Drums (4)
Cymbal Line
Bass or Synth Bass
Auxiliary (3)

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