Style: Chamber Music, Marimba and Flute
Time: 4:05
Difficulty: Grade 6
Price: $10


AFS was written for percussionist Marilyn Clark Silva in the fall of 2009. The title comes from our initial discussion about the idea of me writing a piece for her; I asked Marilyn what kind of piece she wanted me to write, specifically what style and tempo she wanted. She responded simply: “Style – Awesome. Tempo – Funkissimo”. Hence, “Awesome Funkissimo Stage” was born. Very soon after the name was decided on, I decided to make the piece a duet with flute.

The piece is written roughly in ABA form, with each section distinguished by the notes that are used. The ‘A’ section utilizes the notes C-D-Eb-F-G-B, while the contrasting ‘B’ section uses the notes C#-E-F#-G#-A-Bb (or enharmonic equivalents). Thus the two sections collectively utilize all 12 chromatic tones. The two hexachords are only intermixed once – in the two-bar transition from the ‘A’ section into the ‘B’ section (the flute plays D and G# here, the marimba B and F#). The initial statements from each instrument form the basis of the melodic material for the whole piece, and are varied and restated throughout the work.

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